• Raise Standards - Reduce Waste

    Chemotherapy is the use of drugs to treat diseases.

    Development of drugs that effectively target cancer with reduced adverse effects is of highest socioeconomic need.

    A creation of a new anti-cancer drug costs $650M (Prasad and Mailankody, 2017). High costs for R&D and the still unsatisfying therapeutic effects of current chemotherapy oppose a high burden for society.

    Cell-based test systems are a main fundament of early stage drug development. Current applied technologies are suboptimal.

    1. Define mendatory standards for in vitro substance tests and for acceptable variations of results between each repetition are needed to increase reproducibilty and reduce waste funded by taxpayers pocket.

    2. The development of genetically simplifiedthereby genetic stablilized disease models as a molecular-adaptable biologic tool that may provide an opportunity for standardization in functional tests.

    Raise standards in preclinical biomedicineCancer cell lines are concerning tool in drug testing