Several aspects of collaboration, involving organoid- and zebrafish– guided drug discovery technologies with Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD, USA are projected. Thanks to Eric Raabe, from Oncology and Pathology Johns Hopkins for visiting and giving a reflective and concept lecture.

Funding was received to engage in manufecturing of stem cell homing peptides as part of the European nanomedicine initiative COST Action 17140 Nano2Clinic. Looking forward to deepen the collaboration with Tambet Teesalo and his Lab of Cancer Biology in Tartu.

P53 is the housekeeper of genome stability and cell differentiation. M.Sc. C. Uhlmann overexpresses TP53 hotspot isoform in pluripotent hiPSC to create novel in vitro study tools.

A cooperation project on therapy resistance with Capital Medical University Beijing, China and the Chinese Glioma Genome Atlas (GGGA) was funded through the Sino-German Science Center.

Ulf Kahlert is a member of Work group 3 – Preclinical Models – in the European Cost Action Nano2Clinic CA17140 Cancer Nanomedicine – from the bench to the bedside.

In cooperation with the Department of Inorganic Chemistry of HHU we developed a synthesis method for rapid and reproducible generation of gold nanoparticles to function as carriers to transfect brain cancer cells.